About Us

Once a Silicon Valley SEO consulting success story with some of the most prominent companies in the world, Best Dallas SEO Expert now has its bootstraps firmly planted in North Texas.

Two years ago, James Hayden and Kelly Constantine moved to the Dallas area to get away from the overpopulated and all-consuming Silicon Valley. Having both worked for major Silicon Valley search companies, the two visited the Dallas area to meet with DFW real estate moguls and decided right then and there that Dallas was the place for them.

After signing exit NDAs that prevent them from disclosing their former search company relationships, both Constantine and Hayden began running a private, invite-only SEO consulting company that helped prominent Dallas real estate agencies rank at the top of Google.

In March of 2018, the two former Silicon Valley search entrepreneurs opened their doors to any and all potential clients who have quality products and services that are in need of more local Dallas search engine exposure.

The shift from a private consulting business to a public venture has meant a dramatic increase in the hiring of top talent around the Dallas metro area, which, fortunately, is full of some of the brightest new minds in the search and PPC space.

While the company isn’t currently private, it doesn’t fall short on vetting and due diligence. Both Constantine and Hayden realize that offering superior search consulting is only viable if a company is committed to their innovation and product quality.

The two newly anointed kings of Dallas digital marketing aren’t in the business of turning down clients, but they also don’t want to make empty promises to business owners who aren’t positioned to go to the next level.

Best Dallas SEO Expert is in the business of winning. It is also in the business of relationships and believes adamantly in transparency and communication. Constantine and Hayden have created a digital marketing consulting firm built on the foundation of honest SEO and backed with high-caliber Silicon Valley search consulting experience.

They represent innovators and passionate business owners who are seeking a long-term success plan. We utilize our history to forge a path of success in the future for our clients.

Don't expect "city slickers" with Constantine and Hayden, instead, expect a warm Texas welcome followed by a passionate work ethic, high character, and results-driven strategy.

Who Are We Looking To Work With

  • Entrepreneurs, small business owners, venture-funded startups & niche-specific industry experts
  • Annual business revenues of at least $5,000,000 and higher
  • Average revenue per sale of at least $5,000 and higher
  • An annual marketing budget of at least $60,000 (at minimum)