How to Generate a Google Review Link

How to Generate a Google Review Link

Learning how to generate a Google Review link is a largely overlooked benefit to a companies brand and ROI.

The Google review link generator is easy to use and only takes minutes.

One of the best ways to propel your brand to the next level is by accumulating positive Google reviews.

Often, companies fail to persuade their customers and clients to leave reviews which results in a wealth of lost opportunities.

Many customers and clients are unable to find a way to leave a positive review after experiencing great service. This isn't the customer's fault, rather, it's the business owners fault.

A business owner is responsible for making clear the process that a customer can leave a review regarding services rendered.

Unless, of course, your products or services are terrible, then you may want to downplay such a process and more importantly, fix your offerings! Seeing that your business is fantastic, I think it's in the best interest that the ability to leave a review for your business is unobstructed.

Google Review Link Generator - Simple, Concise, And Easy

  • Step 1: Visit THIS URL (how easy was that?)
  • Step 2: Simply input the name of your business, your location, your zip code.
  • Step 3: You will now see a link that points to your Google review link.
  • Step 4: Send this link to all your customers, clients, and maybe even a few kind family members and friends.

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Google Review Link Marketing Ideas

One cool and unique way to market reviews is to place your review link on business cards.

You can send (or hand) those business cards to customers who just used your services and request reviews. Make the card a simple instructional on how they can review your business. Highlight the fact that reviews help prevent others from falling for bad competitors. You might also consider giving a future discount to those who choose to review your business.

You can insert your review link in follow up emails to customers. Like the business card idea, put in some simple steps that explain how to review your business and services offered. For example, if you commonly send a follow up email asking if the customer was satisfied with your services, you can put in a link and instructions for your Google Review link.

When you generate a Google review link, you open up a number of savvy ways to creatively get positive reviews. Although, be warned, you never want to encourage only good reviews.

Just ask for reviews in general. You don't want to appear to Google to be trading discounts in exchange for positive reviews.

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